Our commitment to accessible and inclusive education

We are committed to offering equal opportunities for all learners, no matter their location, background, and skill set. Thus, all educational content will be accessible for free.

In conjunction with the launch of this new online initiative Somm360 Your Educational PartnerTM, a learning platform for sommeliers, wine professionals and wine lovers, we are launching the Somm360 Education Fund. Its objective is to raise $1M in the next 24 months, with all the money to be used to help sommeliers worldwide so they can continue to learn and grow as the hospitality industry will be affected negatively for a long time. We know it's hard to taste online, but we are still offering the opportunity to learn and grow by allowing learners from all over the world to come together virtually and put their knowledge to test.

To achieve this goal, we are partnering with regions, brands, and other organizations.​ ​These partnerships will allow us to offer employment opportunities for sommeliers worldwide while curating high-quality content for our new learning platform. To pay tribute to the support of our partners, each theme of the day and/or quiz will be marked as being “made possible by X”, with X being our partner for that particular educational segment.

Are you IN to learn and make a difference? We are!