A Tribute To The WOMEN Who Are Somm360

  • By Stephanie Artner
  • 06 Mar 2021
  • 5 MIN
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The Women who are Somm360

There is no doubt that 2020/21 has been a challenging period for all of us on so many levels, but especially for women, as sectors where the workforce is predominantly women, such as healthcare, education, and hospitality, have been especially hard hit by Covid-19. In parallel to this, women are also being disproportionately impacted by nursery closures, job losses, and homeschooling, with many bearing the brunt of juggling both work and childcare. 

Throughout these difficult times, it has been Somm360’s intention to be there for fellow women in our industry, and be able to offer employment opportunities through content creation until lockdown measures are eased, hospitality is opened up, and we all can return to the work we love. 

On the eve of International Women’s Day we want to pay tribute to the women who are part of Somm360’s global content team who help us to bring learning opportunities to over 1,100 learners from over 60 countries and counting. 

Below we highlight these remarkable women and some of the great work they have created for Somm360 over the last six months. We are so grateful for their contributions which have helped us to continue our mission to support every professional on their personal learning path. 

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Émilie Althot-Robitaille - Quebec City, Canada 

Émilie first graduated in Sommellerie in Québec City, going on to receive a specialization in S.M. Strategy at MIT in Boston. Émilie is now Director of Events for SOMM360.  

Stephanie Artner - Montreal, Canada  

Stephanie is the Director of Partnerships and Content at Somm360. She hails from Austria but has been connecting wine regions, producers, and sommeliers for over a decade in North America. She holds a MBA from the University of Vienna and the WSET Level 3 in Wines and the WSET Level 1 in Sake.   

Caroline Beaulieu - Quebec City, Canada 

Caroline Beaulieu, head sommelier at the restaurant Légende par la Tanière in Québec city. Caroline studied at the École Hôtelière de la Capitale and at l'Universtié du Vin de Suze-la-Rousse. She is a Certified Sommelier (CMS).  

Beatrice Bessi - London, UK 

Beatrice Bessi is the head sommelier at Chiltern Firehouse, London, and was previously assistant head sommelier at 67 Pall Mall. She holds the Advanced Sommelier with the CMS, is a Diploma WSET Student, and is a SCAE certified-Judge in SWA. 

Alissa Bica - Los Angeles, US 

Alissa Bica is a sommelier at 71 Above in Los Angeles, California and writer of the blog "Off The Beaten Wine Path" where she explores obscure grape varieties.  

Jacky Blisson MW - Montreal, Canada

 Jacky Blisson MW is a freelance wine writer, educator, and consultant with twenty years’ international industry experience. Jacky is Québec, Canada’s first Master of Wine.  

Isabel Bordeleau - Montreal, Canada 

Isabel is a sommelier working private and corporate wine events, as well as part time teacher at l'ITHQ. She has been a sommelier since 2008, working previously at Maison Boulud, Pullman Wine Bar, and the private club 357C as the head sommelier.  

Michelle Bouffard - Montréal, Canada 

Author of Dis-moi qui tu es, je te dirai quoi boire/Tell Me Who You Are, I Will Tell You What To Drink, and founder of @Tasting Climate Change. Michelle is also a wine educator, journalist, and MW student. 

Anna-Christina Cabrales - New York City, US 

Sommelier and New York City-based owner/founder of Sommnation. They’re live on Instagram Mon-Thurs at 2pm ET/11am PT.  

Emily Campeau - Montreal, Canada 

Wine director of Restaurant Candide and one half of a small négoce project named Wein Goutte.  

Lilly Deforest-Campbell - New York City, US 

Lilly DeForest-Campbell is certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers. She lives in Queens with her husband, fellow sommelier, Greg and their dog, Lola. 

Danielle Dupont - Gatineau, Canada 

Danielle Dupont is sommeliere at Le Baccara, a Five Diamonds Restaurant, at Casino Lac-Leamy. She is studying for her Advanced Master Sommelier, and was 3rd Best Sommelier of Quebec in both 2007 and 2011. 

Hannah Egan-Lee - Toronto, Canada 

Hannah Egan-Lee is the junior sommelier and bar manager of Ki Modern Japanese Restaurant and Bar. She is a certified sommelier through the CMS and holds the WSET Level 3 Award in Sake.  

Jennifer Foucher - Boston, US 

Former head sommelier of Fiola, Washington, D.C., Jennifer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Jennifer has worked in a variety of acclaimed restaurants: Proof in Washington, D.C., Del Posto, where she found her passion for Italian wine, and back to D.C. to accept the role as head sommelier at Fiola. Jennifer holds the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) Diploma.  

Mary Gorman McAdams MW - New York City, US 

Mary is the director of the International Wine Center in New York CityMary is also a wine consultant, educator, and wine judge. She has worked as the Bordeaux Wine Council’s market advisor for North America, where she led its marketing and education programs focused on growing the North American Market for Bordeaux wines.  

Christina Hartigan - Vancouver, Canada  

Christina Hartigan is the wine director at Gooseneck Hospitality. She holds both the WSET Diploma and CMS Advanced Sommelier.  

Erin Healy - New York City, US 

Erin is a former sommelier of Le Coucou and Jean-Georges, and now spends her time selling champagne & making terrines! as well as being the Wine Slinger @ Air's Champagne Parlor/Club Champenoise 

Amanda Jansen - Calgary, Canada 

Amanda is the general manager at Bridgette Bar, Calgary, Alberta. She is a sake and wine lover, continuing education enthusiast and enjoys yoga, running, and restaurants. WSET 3 Wine (2018), WSET 3 Sake (San Francisco, 2019), Advanced Sake Professional (Tokyo, 2016), Sake Scholar (New York City, 2019). 

DJ Kearney - Vancouver, Canada 

DJ Kearney is a Vancouver-based veteran wine instructor and the Director of Wine at the Terminal City Club. She has trained countless sommeliers in western North America throughout several decades of teaching. 

Yuri Koshiyama - Montreal, Canada 

Yuri is a sake professional and restaurant manager at Ryu Sushi. She is a holder of WSET 3 in Sake, WSET 1 in Sake, and WSET 1 in Spirits 

Elyse Lambert MS - Montreal, Canada  

World renowned sommelier, Elyse Lambert, Master Sommelier has been working in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years. Best sommelier of Canada 2015 and 5th position Best Sommelier of the world 2016, she is now consulting for private and corporate clients and is often invited to facilitate wine education seminars. 

Pascaline Lepeltier MOF - New York City, US 

Pascaline is a partner at Racines NY, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and Best French Sommelier 2018.  

Paz Levinson - Paris, France

Paz is sommelier for Groupe Pic de ASP and has been a full-time executive head sommelier for three years. She holds both the WSET DipSet and Advanced level CMS. 

Linda Milagros Violago - Manitoba, Canada 

An itinerant sommelier, Linda was born in Canada and has worked around the world in restaurants such as Charlie Trotter's, Mugaritz, Geranium, and Contra. She's also worked four grape harvests, and at a sake brewery. She has a consultancy business, Grazing a Trail. An avid practitioner of yoga.  

Rebecca Miles-Steiner - Chicago, US 

Rebecca was formerly the floor sommelier at City Winery, Chicago. She is currently the spirit buyer at Plum Market Old Town. A certified sommelier with the CMS, she is currently pursuing her WSET Diploma. 

Andrea Morris - New York City, US 

Andrea is the wine director at Union Square Cafe in New York City. She is Advanced with the CMS and was preparing to sit for her Masters Theory in 2020.

Monica Olvera Gómez - Mexico City, Mexico  

Mónica Olvera Gómez is head sommelier of the Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant in Mexico City, and has been working in different positions in the culinary scene for the last 20 years. 

Gabrielle Plastre - Montreal, Canada  

Gabrielle is the sommelier at bistro Chez Victoire in Montreal, Canada. She became Canada’s first Master of Port in 2019. She is studying for the Advanced Level of CMS.  

Kimberly Prokoshyn - New York City, US

Kimberly is a sommelier and wine consultant, Kimberly has worked for the past six years in New York City, first at Pearl & Ash and then Rebelle. She is now head sommelier at Café Boulud.

Heather Rankin - Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Heather is a CAPS-certified sommelier, and co-owner of Obladee, A wine bar in Halifax, NS. She’s also a national wine judge and mom! 

Nabilah Rawji - Toronto, Canada 

Nabilah, CMS Advanced Sommelier, was the former wine director for Shangri-La Hotel – Toronto, is a science nerd, and currently sells wine with Groupe Soleil while studying for her Master Sommelier designation.  

Shiva Reddy - Vancouver, Canada

Shiva is a sommelier based in Vancouver, BC. She has worked for the best wine programs in Vancouver including Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar and Hawksworth Restaurant. She has been recognized as one of the top 36 Rising Talents in North America by The Art of Plating, and was named the Foodie of the year by BC Western Living.

Karoline Reinhold - Tallinn, Estonia

Karoline is sommelier at 180 Degrees in Tallinn, Estonia. Certified sommelier by CMS and winner of Best Sommelier of Estonia in 2020.

Veronique Rivest - Gatineau, Canada 

Véronique Rivest is one of the most respected sommeliers in Canada and abroad. She became the first woman to make the podium by taking 2nd place at the World’s Best Sommelier competition, in Tokyo in March 2013. Since 2014 she has owned SOIF wine bar in Gatineau, a place to share and learn around wine.   

Katja Scharnagl - New York City, US

Katja is chef sommelier at Le Bernardin, New York City, and holds the Advanced Sommelier CMS. She was born and raised in the Wachau Valley, and has been in love with New York City for many years.  www.katjaconsulting.com                                                                                  

Lindsay Schwietz - Toronto, Canada

Lindsay is a French Wine Scholar (FWS) and Sake Scholar (SSC). She has been working at Ki Modern Japanese in Toronto, Canada. 

Carrie Lyn Strong - New York City, US 

Former sommelier and wine director for several of New York City’s top fine dining restaurants including The Harrison, Mercer Kitchen, Ai Fiori, Aurole, and Casa Lever. She is the founder, sommelier, a educator at Strong Wine Consulting. 

Laura Williamson MS - Carlsbad, US 

Laura Williamson is one of 33 female Master Sommeliers’ in the world. She has directed Italian and German wine imports across the US. While living in Manhattan for five years, she worked as chef sommelier to Jean-Georges at his namesake Michelin 3 Star New York City venue prior to accepting the position as Corporate Beverage Director for Jean-Georges. Following that, she became Wine Director for Mandarin Oriental, New York, managing all beverage execution for this prestigious luxury hotel.   

Barbara Wong - New York City, US 

Barbara is sommelier at Le Bernardin Restaurant. She has been a full-time sommelier for five years, and a Champagne lover for life. She is studying for her Advanced level with the CMS. 

The Women who are Somm360