Wine bottles in a wine cellar

Wine bottles in a wine cellar


I was born in a family of cooks and pursued a career in food for most of my adult life. Wine found me while I was living in Paris, through late nights, great mentors, and this amazing natural wine shop that opened a block from my house that quickly became shelter and a the fuel to my obsession. It was a long winding road from Paris, with a two year stint in NY in the kitchen of Racines, that led me to come back home to Montreal to build the wine program at Restaurant Candide, where I am still officiating now. I am Certified with the Court of Master Sommeliers and shall be moving on with studying for Advanced in the upcoming year.


What excites you about the Sommelier industry/community?

Coming from a self-taught background in the wine industry, I was extremely lucky that, when wine started being a main subject in my life and I needed answers, I was surrounded by incredible professionals to turn to. THIS, I find exciting. Sharing knowledge, pushing each other up, giving back to the community what one has learned through competition training, or travel, or simple curiosity is the key of building a tight, well-knit and educated group of sommeliers. And if I am correct, this is exactly what Somm360 is ought to do.

Why does continuous education in the wine industry matter to you?

Continuous education builds general knowledge, keeps you sharp and awake about what is going on in the vast place that is the wine world. All in all what matters the most is to find a great bottle for the guests who are putting their trust in you, but in order to to that, education is the key. It is not such a simple task to show respect to the person who made the wine and deliver it to the table with the right information. Good education, both giving and taking, is one of the most valuable asset of a great sommelier.