Export Director, Alto Moncayo

Iñigo Alberto Tamparillas

Iñigo Alberto Tamparillas was born in 1970 in Baracaldo (Vizcaya), a small industrial city in the North of Spain. Still very young his family moved to Borja, from where they originally came from.

He studied Business Administration in the University of Zaragoza, obtaining the Marketing and Sales degree.  After that he studied a Master in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing given by Torras y Asociados International Social Science Council of Zaragoza.

His first job was related to logistics and purchasing and finally in 2002 he started working in Bodegas Borsao in the sales department in coordination with the winemaking department.

He has been related to the viticulture and also to wine industry since he was a kid because his family was one of the founders of the Cooperative of Borja back in 1952 and since then his family has taken care of these old Garnacha plots and supply the grapes to the winery.