Quebec-based Nadia Fournier fell for wine in her early twenties, while exploring the vineyards of Burgundy and Piedmont. In 2007, she joined Michel Phaneuf, author of Le Guide du Vin, an institution in the realm of Canadian wine guides since 1981. She has been the sole author of this perennial best-seller since 2011.

Nadia Fournier is also a partner and principal critic for the Website Chacun Son Vin and a contributor to Exquis and L’actualité magazine, in which she signs, in addition to the wine of the week, the column Goût d’ici, dedicated local food, and spirits. She is also passionate about gastronomy and agriculture, as well as tea, salt, honey and all foods that can translate the taste of a terroir.


What excites you about the Sommelier industry/community?
The profusion of ideas, the chance to meet super knowledgeable people and to interact with them makes me fall in love over and over with this industry.
Why does continuous education in the wine industry matter to you?
Continuous education is everything. Especially in a fast moving industry like wine. For me, it’s all about staying relevant.