Paz Levinson

Paz Levinson is an Argentinean Sommelier and Educator living in France. Today she is Chef
Sommelier Executive at Groupe Pic. In 2015 she won the A.S.I. & amp; APAS Best Sommelier of
Americas and in 2016 Best Sommelier of the World A.S.I. she arrived at N°4 of the
world. Levinson commenced her wine career in her native Argentina, where she worked as
head sommelier for a number of top-end restaurants, including Restó and Nectarine. She
taught  at the Centro Argentino de Vinos y Espirituosas (CAVE) for five years and achieved
her professional sommelier diploma from CAVE in 2006. At the same time, she completed a
BA in literature, and she recently became the first Argentinean to pass the Court of Master
Sommeliers’ Advanced sommelier certificate. Levinson was named Best Sommelier of
Argentina 2014 and 2010 by the Argentinean Association of Sommeliers. She tastes
regularly for different wine competitions as Decanter WWA. She has written for a number
of magazines, including Wine&Spirits. @pazlevinson Instagram: pazlevinson


What excites you about the Sommelier industry/community?

What excites me about this profession is the vast diversity of people we can meet (from all the people that works in the restaurant to the client and all the Somms and people from the industry we can meet) and the diversity of beverages we can propose and learn of. It is a profession that is diverse, we travel, we learn about the culture of different countries, we can be devoted to learn and teach, learn and communicate and give a better service experience every day. I like to be at the service for others, is something I enjoy. I love to have the possibility to create wine list, to create experiences with each team of the restaurants. What excites me about this profession is the human factor for everything, people behind a bottle of wine, people behind coffee, tea, learning about the culture of the land. I find lot of pleasure to talk to the Cheffe, discuss and discover new pairings. The community and the team work is all.

Why does continuous education in the wine industry matter to you?

It matters to me because I can do a better service if me and my team have more knowledge, to know details and stories behind the beverages help our daily work, we can learn, absorb and then give, teach to others and offer a better experience to the client. Give the client the right information and if they need more details, can answer these questions. I think education is a neverending process and that in life we learn every day. It is essential to keep the curiosity and the love to the learning process so we can give more. To our staff and our clients.