Wine bottles in a wine cellar

Wine bottles in a wine cellar


I used to be studying Physics in the University of Athens and simultaneously working for some of the best restaurants in Greece. Became more involved in the hospitality industry and after falling in love with wine, began completing the first 3 levels of WSET while still in Greece. Following this, moved to the UK and began working for The Fat Duck and continued my studies on the WSET diploma. When left The Fat Duck I accepted a role at The Ledbury, where I became the Assistant Head Sommelier. During his time at The Ledbury, earned the title of the Best Sommelier in Greece in 2015 which gave me the ticket to represent Greece in the European Final 2017. There I managed to succeed to the Semi-Finals. Joined the 67 Pall Mall as Head Sommelier in September 2015 till now. Been the winner of UK Sommelier of the Year Competition in 2016 was one of my highlights in my career and gave me confidence to pursue my career goal to become a Master Sommelier. Have completed the advanced level of the Court of Master Sommeliers exam and currently sitting my MS Diploma exam.


What excites you about the Sommelier industry/community?

Wine is People. Wine Industry in general is by far one of the most welcoming, generous and ‘human’ communities. If the world is small as we say, the Wine World is even smaller and by travelling more frequently as our predecessors used to do, we have friends all over the world. And what a greater joy of seeing your friends and share what unites us all.

Why does continuous education in the wine industry matter to you?

We learn from wine every day, from the people we socialize, the continuous research into the subject etc. The wine world changes so fast that keeping yourself up to date is a must when you want to stay on top level. And paraphrasing slightly the words of my favorite philosopher who used to say; ‘I know one thing, I know nothing’. Which personally I translate it as the deeper you dig into a subject, the less you know.